VITFBIS 2024 | 20th - 22nd August, 2024 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver  International  Trade Fair,  Business  and  Investor  Summit

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The aim of the Vancouver International Trade Fair, Business and Investors Summit is to promote trade relations between Canada and countries abroad. The event is for entities interested in establishing new business relations, networking with business leaders and political representatives, learning more about business opportunities in various sectors and meeting market entry experts. The event engages distinguished business leaders, international trade and development experts, and government representatives as speakers and panellists in order to reveal trade and investment opportunities.

The event will feature a conference, workshop, trade show, master class,symposium.


To provide a forum for connecting with potential partners
To increase export-import volume
To provide information, knowledge, and tools needed for entering new markets
To provide market-specific information
To introduce experts and organizations involved in international trade
To strengthen diplomatic relations
To form a network of key government officials, business and non-profit organization leaders and academia to collaborate on future projects on international economic, educational and cultural fronts

Who Should Attend

The target audience will include, but not limited to, members of the business, trade, investors, government, non-profit, and academic communities with interest in international trade and economic development. The 20th VITFBIS 2024 will aim at forming synergies among various disciplines, including business, logistics, banking, law, politics, and economics, drawing primarily from practical experience.
The networking sessions  will bring international distributors, retailers, traders, resellers and wholesalers together in one place. Get to know contacts and suppliers in the trade and investment industry.
Visa Requirements for Canada

Recently, Canada has implemented new requirements for international visitors.

International attendees arriving to Canada by air August require either a Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which must be obtained from the Government of Canada with a suggested time frame of 6 -12 weeks prior to the Summit. The Government of Canada charges a fee $100 CAD for a Visitor Visa and $7 CAD for an eTA.

Step 1:
Register for the Canadian International Trade Fair , Business and Investor Summit 2024.

Step 2:
Contact us via email on if you are an attendee that require a visa to enter Canada

Step 3:
Request a Letter of Invitation from the Summit host by clicking the appropriate box during your registration.

Step 4:
Upon receiving your Letter of Invitation, apply for your Visitor Visa or Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) as early as possible.

Please note that the visa invitation letter will only be issued when your place in the event has been confirmed by paying the registration fee.

If you wish to attend the event and require assistance applying for a Canadian visa, do contact us via email or by submitting the form on the ''Contact us'' section.

Build & strengthen relationships

VITFBIS is about strengthening key relationships with new and existing clients. After all, most trade business is done with existing partners, by making these relationships even stronger.
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Become an exhibitor

Gain exposure and brand visibility for your company across the industry by exhibiting

Why Consider Exhibiting at VITFBIS 2024?

VITFBIS presents a unique opportunity to build face-to-face connections, drawing from a targeted audience of decision makers and professionals within the industry. Stepping outside of the confines of digital marketing and remote sales efforts provides a valuable insight as to how customers interact with products and services, allowing you to meet their needs on an individual basis.